Course Cadaveric Sinonasal

Nov. 8th,  2023 Barcelona

PLACES: 8, both nostril per participant.



General Information

Welcome to our Cadaveric Sinonasal Dissection Course, an unrivaled opportunity for surgeons to refine their endoscopic skills and build confidence through hands-on practice with cadavers before transitioning to live surgeries. This course merges theory and practice, bridging the gap between learning and implementation while significantly reducing risks for actual patients.

In this course, surgeons will conduct cadaver dissections, offering a unique chance to acquaint themselves with anatomical variations. This environment serves as a safe testing ground for applying new techniques and a means to deepen their understanding of endoscopic anatomy, all while minimizing patient risk.

Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, participants can advance their technical competency, hone decision-making skills, and gain invaluable insights to improve patient outcomes. This mentorship and ample practice opportunities enhance your surgical results and patient satisfaction.

Our Cadaveric Sinonasal Dissection Course is an invaluable learning experience that allows surgeons to perfect their craft and improve real-life surgical outcomes. Join us on this transformative journey to bolster your surgical expertise, refine your decision-making process, and contribute to advancing safe and personalized patient care.


General Objectives

The overarching goal of the Cadaveric Sinonasal Dissection Course is to provide surgeons with an immersive, hands-on learning experience to refine endoscopic skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and improve real-world surgical outcomes in sinonasal procedures.

Specific Objetives
  1. Enable surgeons to perfect endoscopic sinonasal techniques through safe and intensive practice on cadavers.
  2. Facilitate understanding of anatomical variations in the sinonasal region, equipping surgeons to develop more individualized and effective surgical plans.
  3. Provide an environment for surgeons to explore and practice new endoscopic techniques, thus broadening their technical capabilities.
  4. Deepen surgeons’ comprehension of endoscopic sinonasal anatomy, aiding in more precise planning and execution of surgical procedures.
  5. Promote the highest patient safety standards by offering a thorough pre-operative training platform that minimizes risk to actual patients.
  6. Expert guidance fosters the enhancement of surgeons’ technical competence and decision-making abilities in sinonasal surgery.
  7. Ultimately, aim to boost patient outcomes and satisfaction by producing more skilled, confident, and knowledgeable surgeons in sinonasal surgery.

Lecture hours and duration: 8 hours

Content Blocks

Unveiling the Mysteries of Uncinectomy:

Begin your journey by exploring this fundamental procedure in Rhinology.

The Key to the Frontal Sinus:

Master the frontal recess, unlocking the complex gateways to the frontal sinus with Draf I, II, and III procedures.

Delve into the Maxillary:

Discover the techniques to gain full access to the maxillary sinus and perform effective maxillectomies.

Ethmoidectomy Excellence

Navigate through anterior and posterior ethmoidectomies, unearthing the true essence of precision.

The Power of Sphenoidotomy

Get hands-on experience with sphenoidotomy, a critical procedure that opens the doors to advanced Rhinology.

Into the Depths with Sellar and Suprasellar Approaches

Gain a deep understanding of these advanced techniques, offering a comprehensive insight into the intricacies of Rhinology.

The Pterygopalatine and Transpterigoid Journey

Enhance your skills with these two advanced approaches, the gateway to more complex Rhinologic procedures.

The Art of Decompression

Dive into the precise techniques of Orbital Decompression and Optic Nerve Decompression, mastering the balance between patient care and surgical excellence.

*** Due to the subsequent Rhinoplasty course following the FESS course, participants are kindly requested not to engage in nasal septum work to maintain optimal conditions.***

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