Standard open approach rhinoplasty: cadaveric dissection

Nov. 9th,  2023 Barcelona

PLACES: 8, one nose per participant.



General Information

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure with a dual purpose: aesthetic enhancement and functional improvement. It demands a deep understanding of nasal anatomy, encompassing bones, cartilages, and soft tissue structures. This course aims to deliver a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience through cadaveric dissection.

The Cadaveric Rhinoplasty Course is an invaluable platform for surgeons aspiring to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge base. Here, participants can dive deeper into the intricate anatomy of the nose and surrounding structures, explore them up close, and manipulate them safely.

Using state-of-the-art simulation methodologies, our course provides a practical approach to mastering surgical competencies and diverse nasal surgery techniques. It builds confidence in your surgical abilities, promoting increased patient safety for those undergoing these procedures.

Recognizing the variations in nasal anatomy among different patients is critical in designing personalized surgical strategies. Through this course, you will develop a bespoke approach for each patient, which may lead to improved surgical outcomes.

Furthermore, cadaveric dissection empowers surgeons to refine their skills and stay abreast of the latest advances in rhinoplasty techniques. Ultimately, this leads to better results for your patients and enhanced safety standards.

Join us in the Cadaveric Rhinoplasty Course and elevate your surgical expertise. Deepen your understanding, polish your techniques, and contribute to advancing the frontier of rhinoplasty surgery.


General Objectives

The primary objective of the Cadaveric Rhinoplasty Course is to provide surgeons with an extensive, hands-on learning experience that enhances their understanding of nasal anatomy and surgical techniques in rhinoplasty. It aims to improve their surgical practice’s overall safety, precision, and effectiveness.

Specific Objetives
  1. Deepen the understanding of the complex anatomy of the nose and its surrounding structures including bones, cartilages, and soft tissues.
  2. Provide a comprehensive introduction to various surgical techniques in rhinoplasty, enabling participants to expand their technical repertoire.
  3. Offer a practical, simulated environment for surgeons to practice, refine, and master surgical competencies related to rhinoplasty.
  4. Instill confidence in surgical abilities, emphasizing improving patient safety during rhinoplasty procedures.
  5. Encourage the appreciation of anatomical variations among different patients to promote the development of individualized surgical approaches.
  6. Keep participants informed about the latest advancements and trends in rhinoplasty techniques.
  7. Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement in rhinoplasty surgery, contributing to better surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Content Blocks

Anatomy Unleashed

Start from the ground up with the basics of anatomy and recognition of structures, setting a solid foundation for the complex procedures to follow.

The Closed Technique

Get into the rhythm of the precision required for the closed technique approach, focusing on making the perfect incision.

Embrace the Open

Transition into the open technique approach, where you will learn how to make clean incisions and perform accurate dissections.

Master the Hump Resection

Delve into the art of Hump Resection, a cornerstone technique for achieving desirable rhinoplasty results.

The Subtleties of Osteotomies

Master the crucial osteotomy techniques, and delve deeper into the innovative realm of preservation.

Rebuilding the Midvault

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skill for Midvault reconstruction, a vital component in the world of rhinoplasty.

Tip Plasty Triumphs

Perfect the subtle art of Tip Plasty, enhancing your abilities to create balanced and aesthetic outcomes.

The Gift of Grafts

Discover the transformative power of grafts in rhinoplasty, an essential tool in your surgical arsenal.

The Freedom of Exploration

Conclude your immersive experience with free time with the cadaver head, providing an opportunity to apply learned techniques and explore at your own pace.

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